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Wuxi Hanshen Electric Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd


  • 1997


    · XishanFenghua welding equipment factory was founded;

    · Centredin R&D and manufacturing of inverter welding equipment;

    · Completed the development and production of the first inverter DC pulsed tungsten argon     arc welding machine (TIG 125) and delivered to the customer;

    · Developed the WSM series inverter DC pulse argon arc welding machine and had small batch   production ability;

  • 1998


    · Developed and produced LGK series inverter plasma cutting machine and zx7 series DC           inverter manual arc welding machine;

    · Took part in the 12th China (Zhengzhou) welding fair(a standard booth), which marked the       launching of Hanshen’s products within the domestic market;

    · Developed NBC series CO2 metal arc welding machine;

    · Developed the double inverter AC/DC square-wave arc multi-functional welding machine,       which represented the highest level of the inverter welding machine at that time;

  • 2000


    · XishanFenghua welding equipment Company was founded;

    · Was listed as ‘China’s top 50 enterprises in welding industry;

    · Passed ISO9000 quality assurance system and China Commission for conformity                     Certification of Electrical Equipment;

  • 2001


    · Jointed the China Welding Association(CWA) and the China welding standard council;

    · Developed the FKR series SCR CO2 gas metal welding machine;

  • 2002


    · Started the CCC certification process,which marked the quality standards lining up with           international standards;

    · Moved to the new factory with a land area of more than 6000m2, construction area ofmore   than 5000 m2, located at no.19 East of ChunxinRoad ,Xishan District;

    · Ranked no.14 among the enterprises in welding industry in China;

  • 2003


    · In preparation oflaunching WUXI HANSHEN ELECTRIC CO.LTD(China and South Korea joint     venture), $6 millionregistered capital, covering a total land area of 60000 m2;

    · NBC-400 inverter CO2 gas metal semi-auto welding machine had been classified as the           high-tech products in Jiangsu province;

    · FKR-500 thyristor CO2 gas metal welding machine was evaluated as the premium quality         product in Shanghai City;

    · Was evaluated as the economy advanced enterprises by the local government;

    · Ranked NO.10 among the enterprises in welding industry in China;

  • 2004


    · NBC-400 inverter CO2 gas metal semi-auto welding machine was evaluated as the torch         project in Jiangsu province;

    · The groundbreaking of the new factory;

    · Was evaluated the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province;

    · No1. Building of new factory was finished;

    · Ranked no.10 in the Year of Fine Management;

  • 2005


    · Awarded the ‘Hope in Chinese welding industry’ bythe China Welding Exposition;

    · Elected as the governing unit of China electrical equipment industry association;

    · Moved to the new factory in Furongyilu. Xishan development Zone;

    · 8-year anniversary celebration;

    · Year of science, technology and globalization;

  • 2006


    · Was elected as the standing director unit by the national commercial and industry chamber     of commerce;

    · NO 2. Building of workshop and engineering center was finished, which occupied an area of     10000 m2;

    · Passed the CE certification and hence entered the European market;

    · HM high-power inverter manual arc welding machine and HC inverter CO2 metal welding       machine became the best-selling products;

    · The digital welding project was evaluated as the first prize in Wuxi city;

  • 2007


    · Elected as the integrity unit by the Wuxi labour and social security;

    · Appraised as premium quality products in Shanghai, the first prize;

  • 2008


    · Elected as the member unit of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of              Machinery &   Electronic Products (CCCME);

    · Hanshen won the ‘famous brand’ title of Jiangsu province;

    · Obtained the supportfrom the welding engineering center of Jiangsu province;

    · Selected as the technology entrepreneurial enterprises supporting unit in Wuxicity;

    · Won the ‘high-tech enterprise’ award ofJiangsu province for the second time;

    · Year of quality assurance;

  • 2009


    · Postdoctoral workstation at the provincial level;

    · Academician workstation at provisional level;

    · Intellectual property advantage enterprise of Wuxi city;

    · The Management promotion year;

  • 2010


    · Innovative enterprise of Jiangsu province;

    · Rated the ‘AAA grade credit enterprise’by the CWA;

    · Became the member of the college students’ practice units;

    · Obtained7 provincial high-tech products;

    · Awarded the ‘advanced enterprise’ prize in the trade union ofXishan District;

    · Laser -MIG/MAG welding equipment won the excellent new products award of Jiangsu          province;

    · Year of informative construction;

  • 2011


    · Highly creditable enterprise of Shanghai welding industry

    · Obtained one National Innovation Funding project

    · Successful development of laser welding,laser cutting androbotic project

    · Annualslogans and basic management. Year of ‘change, improve, advance, accelerate’.         Hanshen changed the working attitude, improved the communication style and product         quality,enhancedcustomer service, and accelerated the progress of launching new products

  • 2012


    · Passed the re-evaluation ofhigh-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province

    · Electric welding industry association executive director units

    · Annual slogan: continue to improve from last year’s basis

    · Registered ‘hanshen’ trademark in Thailand

    · Rated AAA in enterprise credibility

    · Awarded the ‘most influential brand’ prize in China

    · Gas shielded welding machine won the title‘famous brand’ in Wuxi city

    · Passed the evaluation of certificated brand in Jiangsu Province for the second time

  • 2013


    · Major scientific research institution in Wuxi City

    · Outstanding supplier of Shandong nuclear power equipment manufacturing co.,ltd

    · Got the jitc certificate of credit management enterprise in Jiangsu province

    · The model enterprise of information and inudstrialization in Jiangsu Province

    · National Post-doctoral scientific research workstation

    · Enterprise benchmark creditability evaluation report.

    · Small to medium-sized enterprises of science and technology in Jiangsu Province.

    · Production safety standardization certificate

    · Awarded the outstanding orgnaniser for machinery skills competition in Wuxi City

    · Famous brand prize in Wuxi

  • 2014


    · Awarded the silver trophy in “multi-functional intelligent small robots “of the fifth China       international sensor network exhibition

    · Passed the re-evaluation of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province

    · Famous brand in Jiangsu province

    · Certification of donation to the poor in Xishan District

    · Vice president of science and technology

    · Passed the EN 15085 certification

    · A PhD joined our postdoctoral workstation in June

    · Passed the re-evaluation of the famous trademark in Jiangsu province

  •   2015


    · Awarded one of the top ten in welding industry

    · Rated grade A of enterprise creditability.

    · Deputy director unit of China welding exposition committee.

    · Vice director unit of the welding equipment branch of the China Welding association.

    · The large-scale pulse-laser arc welding composite heat source intelligent equipment’ identified    as the first set of major equipment and key component in Jiangsu Province.

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