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       Based on a rich product structure, a wide range of customer groups and excellent technical level, Hanshen is committed to becoming "the overall welding solutions provider." In a comprehensive and profound understanding of customer needs, Hanshen provide professional welding program design for customers, with the corresponding welding and cutting equipment, high-quality welding process, and continue to provide quality services.
       Effective use of existing welding machine advantages, continue to improve and development of existing products, Hanshen is to upgrade all types of welding power supply and welding process. Hanshen produce high,medium and low- end inverter welding machine with its own core technology. Through independent innovation, in the inverter power technology has formed four core technology (MOSFET single-ended forward inverter technology, IGBT full-bridge inverter technology, digital welding machine control Technology and IGBT full-bridge resonant soft-switching technology). Hahshen Have developed a series of IGBT inverter welding machine products, single-tube IGBT inverter welding machine products, resonant soft-switching inverter welding products, digital and semi-digital inverter welding machine product is in high and mid grade which all at a high level in china.
       Hanshen will be committed to develop d improve the digital welding machine , to achieve the intelligent control and multi-functional integration. Digital welding power control precision, maneuverability is strong, system stability and product consistency, and easy to upgrade. Digital welding machine is based on the welding and cutting equipment, by the using of digital signals instead of analog signals, with digital signal processing and digital control technology, so that the welding machine are more sophisticated, efficient, humane, low carbon and networked, The welding machine can store a variety of welding procedures on the same welding machine and realize a variety of welding methods and welding processes by adjusting the welding specification parameters.
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