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Congratulations: WUXI HANSHEN and WUXI WELDING EDUCATION GROUP hold the robotics automatic welding train meeting successfully.
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  At July 12, 2016, JIANGSU UNITED OCCUPATION AND TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, WUXI JIAOTONG HIGH OCCUPATION AND TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE and some companies come to WUXI HANSHEN ELECTRIC JOINT-STOCK CO.,LTD. To participate in the train of robotics for 2 days. LIU HAIJUN (WUXI HANSHEN) are responsible for teaching and training, and HE XIAOYANG (chairman of the board) welcome everybody to our company.

  Mr.Li (Technology manager) introduce the robot automation, and theoretical knowledge training.

Visiting the workshops.

   No.1 Demonstration: Robot +Hanshen MP series welding machines.

The installing robot as the following:

No.2 Demonstration: Robot and Laser welding machines.

No.3 Demonstration: The Straight seam welding machine (Cylindrical plasma argon arc Straight seam welding machine P+T), and the welding machine solves the Straight seam welding of the thick plate including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  The Argon arc welding machine (T) is WUXI HANSHEN WSME500 AC/DC TIG.

  At present, WUXI HANSHEN supply two kinds of equipment in order to solve the thin plate welding: Automatic TIG welding machines, Laser welding machines. Straight seam welding machine 1: Two torches’ TIG machine.

   The TIG machine is HANSHEN HT400D.

  Straight seam welding machine 2: Laser welding machine (High train’s body welding machine).

  No.3 Demonstration: Girth welding machine (Scaffold automatic welding machine), and it adopts 13 torches to weld one time. One set of scaffold automatic welding machine can come to 10tons production capacity.

  The welding machine is HANSHEN Industrial welding machine HC350D.

  After the training and communication of automatic robot, everyone appreciate HANSHEN products, and hope HANSHEN can hold more training in future. Many thanks the successful training meeting.
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