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The application of advanced welding technology for High - altitude machinery and hanging basket industry
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  At present, the related ancillary industries are improving as the development of hanging basket industry. Like welding machine industry, the production of hanging basket needs the welding machines, and the welding technology develops to the present automatic robot welding from the simple labor welding, and the welding functions also includes various types like DSP double pulse MIG, AC/DC pulse TIG, Laser welding and so on.

Welding equipments and hanging basket.

  The hanging basket’s platform and the suspended structure all need welding. As the development of hanging basket industry, the exterior and details also have the big requirements, for example the welding seam of steel plate and aluminum plate. These welding seams have the big effect for the exterior and quality of hanging basket. Now the hanging basket industry mainly uses the following two kinds of materials: Carbon steel and Aluminum alloy. At present, the welding solution process for basket industry include the following:

1)Aluminum welding.

  Aluminum easily oxidizes in the air and when welding, and the alumina has the high melting point, and are not removed and very stable. It obstructs the melting and mixing of the basic materials, and there will be much more percentage of oxide film which is not easily surfaced, easily brings the fault of dross, not fully mixing and not penetration. The oxide film and the moisture easily result the gas holes inside the welding seam. For the above welding problems, we advise the following welding solutions:

1. Wuxi Hanshen Digital AC/DC TIG pulse welding machines—WSME series.

  Product’s characteristics: Beautiful welding seams don’t need the secondary treatment. Perfect arc igniting. High applicability of electric voltage. High duty cycle. Suitable heavy working. It has separate machine and compact machine to be fit for different working places, and simple operation and microcomputer control technology, so it can save 10 groups of welding data which don’t need the secondary adjusts.

2. Wuxi Hanshen DSP multi-functions pulse MIG welding machines—MP series.

  Product’s characteristics: High efficiency, about 3 times of common TIG welding machine. Double pulse welding machines result in no welding splash, small heat affected zone and especially for welding aluminum plate. It can always keep the energy wave, penetration depth and welding seam’s height very stable. It can get the beautiful the fish scales’ welding seam without any swing when welding. It can save 100 groups welding parameters, simple operation, and minimize the operation time. Multi-functions include Double pulse, pulse, MIG, MMA, simple TIG and CAC-A. Separate machine and compact machine can be suitable for different working places. It has the automatic welding connectors, and can be docked to robotics.

2)Carbon steel welding.

  Carbon steel includes the low carton steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. Low carbon steel is generally not hardened tendency, not easy to crack, good welding ability. As the increase of carbon content, the welding ability of carbon steel will fall down, and the welding seam will appear the thermal cracking and gas holes. The possibility will be more that the heat affected zone brings Hardened tissue and cold cracking. For the above welding problems, we advise to use WUXI HANSHEN HC series’ MIG welding machines.

  Product’s characteristics: Simple operation, the current can be adjusted according to the thickness of working materials. It can be docked to special welding equipments to achieve automatic welding.

Wuxi Hanshen DSP multi-functions welding machines can achieve the welding of carbon steel.

3)Robotics automatic welding equipments.

  The robotics match Hanshen double pulse MIG welding machines can achieve the welding of aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. It can improve the welding quality, welding efficiency and reduce the producing costs.

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